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Small Group Leader Coach
Small Group Leader Coach
Family Ministry Elementary


As a coach to our small group leaders, we need you to both manage and shepherd the small group leaders in your care, with the responsibility of teaching, training, and investing in fellow Small Group Leaders. You win when small group leaders feel known, trained, and celebrated so they can do for their few what you do for them.


A coach embodies the characteristics and qualities of a Small Group Leader, with the responsibility of teaching, training, and investing in fellow Small Group Leaders. A coach oversees the growth and development of both new and existing Small Group Leaders and helps them feel known, trained, and celebrated.

  • Connect with them regularly.
  • Meet one-on-one with them at least once every six months.
  • Be aware of major events and needs in their personal lives.
  • Ensure they have their weekly small group materials.
  • Know the dynamics, numbers, and needs of their small group.
  • Identify strong SGL mentors to partner with new and developing SGLs.
  • Check in with them monthly and ask evaluation questions.
  • Do something every month to cue, train, and equip them
  • Coaches them through proper ways to connect with kids and families.
  • Communicate and encourage them to attend training events and other important ministry events.
  • Attend the appropriate training events and meetings whenever possible so you are ready to train and meet with the leaders you lead.
  • Cue them monthly to share their wins with you.
  • Relay their stories to the ministry staff.
  • Encourage them through regular and random notes, emails, and compliments to let them know you notice the great things they do.


  • Participate in the Volunteer Huddle.
  • Attend worship service.


  • You love God.
  • You care about small group leaders and the kids they influence.
  • You are committed to managing and shepherding up to eight small group leaders for at least one year.
  • You completed and passed the application, background check, and interview process.

Time Commitment

  • Rotation:
  • Hours: As much time weekly as you can to connect with the small group leaders in your care to help them grow as a leader and provide support and encouragement.
  • Prep:
  • Duration: One year commitment with a six month check-in

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